« Conveying meaning, values. We chose to make an analogy in a very special environment, sailing.

Sailing encapsulates both entrepreneurial and team spirits; it highlights the role and contribution of each one. Each crew member is a centrepiece of the overall sailing process: it is up to everyone to make the extra mile. In light of this team spirit we associate true conviviality, a form of simplicity that we seek.

Getting your assumptions right when taking risks, making the right adjustments, taking the right course, drawing the right way, choosing the right stops. So many decisions that require adaptability and acumen. So many assets that we mobilise on a daily basis to serve our clients.

Each boat is unique; each path is drawn after considering the prevailing winds. We reject the obvious and support a perpetual form of interrogation. The question is at the core of our relationships with our clients: we want to provoke the question of the meaning of the name to better understand the approach. Set this form of alterity without which no real knowledge is possible.

A system of double pulleys attached to the spinnaker to adjust the angle of the sheet; this is the strict definition of the Barber Hauler. A system which helps the boat outperform. Have a multiplying effect and act as transmission belts between the manager and his ship; that’s what we want to be. »

Dominique Bazy
Founder of Barber Hauler

September 2009